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Rising K Ranch
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Horseback Riding in the Utah Mountains North of Zion National Park




Escape the Heat and the Crowds!  


 Guided Utah Horseback Riding Adventures for All Experience Levels!


Each Horseback Ride Takes You Through Beautiful Utah Mountain Scenery Such as Forests, Hills, Red Rock, and Streams!


We are OPEN ALL YEAR, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall, for Private Horseback Trail Rides and Horseback Riding Lessons.

Located perfectly between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Southern Utah!


All Horseback Rides Begin at our Ranch.

The Easiest Way to Find our Ranch is to Simply Google Map:
"Rising K Ranch"

We currently offer 5 Guided Horseback Riding Experiences:


The Juniper Loop: 30 Minutes: $30


The Cedar Trail Ride: 1 & 1/2 Hours- $60


The Sunset Horseback Ride: 1 & 1/2 Hours- $60   


The Half Day Horseback Ride: 3 Hours- $120 


The Utah Mountain Ride: 6 Hours- $240     



Click horseback_riding_options___prices  to learn all the details about these different horseback rides. 


We Are Near Cedar City, Utah


In the Utah Mountains Between

Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks


15-20 Degrees Cooler than Zion Canyon in the Summer


Open All Year Monday-Saturday

Closed Sunday

Call 435-590-8428 from 7AM-6PM Mountain Daylight Time

Email at 



Book your Horseback Ride Online by Clicking the

"Book A Ride"

Button Below!

Online Booking for horseback rides must be made at least two hours in advance. However, you may call by phone as we usually have availablity for last-minute horseback riding reservations.

If you are in the Zion/Bryce Canyon National Park area of Utah and would like go horseback riding on short notice, simply call:


       At Rising K Ranch, we offer a completely unique horseback riding experience here in the mountains that span from Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park. Unlike most horseback trail rides around Zion National Park, and in Utah in general, the horseback rides at Rising K Ranch will consist of only  you and the people you bring with you, and there will be individual attention given to each rider so you can soon learn to be comfortable, safe, and in control of the horse you are provided. Whether you are just visiting Utah or you live here in the Zion/ Bryce Canyon National Park area of Utah, and whether you are a first-time horseback rider or have been riding horses your whole life, we want you to be safe and comfortable while on horseback!

      Each of our wranglers also assist in the daily horse training that goes on at Rising K Ranch, and each of our wranglers are quite dedicated to growing their own horsemanship skills every day.


       Because of the time and attention given to each of our riders, you may be very surprised at just how quickly you learn to handle a horse so that when we go out on the trail, you will ride more comfortably than you ever thought you could! 

       The Rising K Ranch horseback trail ride itself is in the beautiful Utah mountain country between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Southern Utah. We are closest to Kolob Canyon, which is the northernmost and least frequently visited area of Utah's Zion National Park.


   Since Rising K Ranch is primarily a horse training facility instead of a large-scale Zion/Bryce Canyon National Park tourist attraction, we do not receive the large crowds that are prominent in Zion National Park itself or in Bryce Canyon National Park itself. We use these Utah mountain trails for training our own horses as well as horses owned by clients; but since the area is beautiful, we decided to keep about 10 gentle trail horses on hand so we are also able to bring along folks who are in Utah visiting Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Brian Head, Cedar Breaks National Monument, or any of the other beautiful areas here in Southern Utah. 


   The group size of any of our horseback trail rides will be only you and whomever you bring with you. Each horseback ride is customized to suit each individual's abilities (not necessarily experience; but ability as we ride along), so we might take you on a wild horseback riding adventure that allows you to experience Utah's steep and rugged Zion mountain country, or we might take you on a leisurely horseback ride through the valley and admire Utah's rugged Zion mountain country at a more relaxed pace and on gentler trails. All of our horseback rides begin here at the Rising K Ranch and head from there into the different directions of our Utah mountain trails.


Many of our horseback riders come from all over the world, and visit Rising K Ranch to have a true horseback riding adventure while they are already in Utah visiting Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

However, in addition to this, Rising K Ranch is also dedicated to providing ongoing horseback riding lessons.

Click the button below to see the type of horsemanship lessons we teach!

If you have have questions, or want an even more custom-made ride, reach out to us here or by phone! All your questions and comments typed here immediately go to my phone and will be promptly answered.

Views from the Trail at Rising K Ranch


   Since our mountainside borders Kolob Canyon, which is the Northermost section of Zion National Park, we are able to enjoy Utah mountain views that I personally never tire of looking at from my own house window. However, since we are in fact outside of Zion National Park itself, we receive none of the crowds and thus enjoy the best of both worlds. These are some of the views of the Utah mountains that you will see along the horseback trail rides at Rising K Ranch.

   These aspen trees are on the mountain overlooking Rising K Ranch. From the top of the mountain looking east, as this photo does, you can see the mountain range that spans all the way to Bryce Canyon National Park.

  The Utah Pyramid Mountains as Viewed from The Cedar Trail Ride. This mountain is part of a Utah mountain range that connects Zion to Bryce Canyon National Parks. From the top of this mountain, you can look south down into Kolob Canyon, the northernmost section of Zion National Park, or you can look across a vast plateau towards Bryce Canyon National Park if you look east.

   Bald Eagle Photo Taken Right at Rising K Ranch Itself. Particularly in winter, the bald eagles migrate into our section of Utah. Like most of Utah's wildlife, bald eagles are typically shy with humans, and will fly away once you are closer than about 70 yards. On horseback, however, the bald eagles often let me get just about as close to them as I like. The red hill behind him is typical of Utah's hillsides.

More Bald Eagles at Rising K Ranch Itself. The bald eagles love these particular cottonwood trees, and have used them for decades. We often ride horseback part-way up the hillside seen in the background on both the Cedar Trail Ride and the Half Day Trail Ride.

Dixie, a Rising K Ranch Dog, on the Mountain Ride. Every once in a while, one of the ranch dogs likes to come along with us on our horseback trail rides all over the Utah mountain trails.

This photo is the of the Utah Red Pyramid as Viewed from Rising K Ranch Itself, where all of our horseback trail rides commence.

The "Plains" Section Along the Cedar Trail Ride. After skirting the hillside on horseback and sometimes riding up and down some of the hills, we often go out into the plains where we get a beter view of Utah's beautiful mountains.

Horseback Riders Preparing to Head out onto the Utah Mountain Trails at Rising K Ranch

Horseback Riders along the Mountain Ride at Rising K Ranch. Just ahead of these horseback riders in the photo, is a steep descent into a canyon where we cross a little stream, typical of Utah's mountains, and ascend the other side of the hill.

Horsemanship Student Working a Mustang in the Round Pen at Rising K Ranch. This man came to Utah from back in New York and wanted to learn how we sometimes warm up a horse in the round pen before taking off on a horseback ride into the Utah mountain ranges.

The Cedar Trail Ride in Winter at Rising K Ranch. Snow sticks around here on the Utah mountain trails for at least three months of the year, making a perfect opportunity for doing something many people have never done: going for a horseback ride in the Utah snow!

The "Sagebrush" Section on one of the Half Day Ride Trails. We susally stay in the juniper and pinyon pine forests on the Half Day Ride, but every once in a while, people cast their vote for for going out into the Purple Sage of Utah for their horseback trail ride.

The Mountain Ride in Autumn at Rising K Ranch. My favorite time of year to be in the Utah mountains is October, when you can take a horseback ride through all the changing leaves of the quaking aspen, maple, and oak. In October, the weather in Utah is usually just perfect in the day, and not quite even down to freezing yet at night.

Winter along the Mountain Ride at Rising K Ranch. In winter, our guests take our horseback ride up as far as we can until the Utah snow is just too deep to continue on. We then turn our horses around for a loop up the other direction to see both sides of the Utah Red Pyramid Mountain.

Some of Utah's Red Rock Mountainside in Winter Along the Mountain Ride at Rising K Ranch

Mule Deer in the Aspens on the Mountain Above Rising K Ranch. In Utah, we have predominantly mule deer. In northern Utah, there are a few whitetail as well. Unsurprisingly, the mule deer all over the state of Utah tend to live in higher altitudes during the warmer weather, and come down to the valleys in the winter. In winter, the horseback rides allow us to often see deer on the Cedar Trail Ride and the Half Day Ride. For the rest of the year, the Mountain Ride is your best bet for seeing most of Utah's wildlife.

A Pond on the Mountain Ride

The Mountain Ride in Winter at Rising K Ranch

Horses Resting in the Aspens on the Mountain Ride

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 Simply email the gift card to them at the time of your purchase and they can call and book a ride anytime they like. The card never expires.

    Simply click the button/link below, enter the amount you would like on the card, and before you actually pay, all details about the gift card are explained.

   If you do have any questions while you are purchasing the Gift Card, simply call:


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