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Rising K Ranch
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Rising K Ranch is a Quarter-Horse ranch with a definite order of priorities. 


Rising K Ranch's First Priority:

Utmost and foremost, the first priority of Rising K ranch is to love God who loved us first and who loved us enough to purchase our freedom with the Blood of His own Son. We understand that we live or die according to His will and that He al0ne makes life such a great thing. For this reason we are closed Sundays, but we would be glad to have you join us in worshiping the Lord at New Life Church in Cedar City. All people of other religions and lifestyles are certainly welcome here, but as for me and my ranch, we will serve the Lord.

Second Priority: Honour the Horse

     At Rising K Ranch, we take great pleasure in raising our horses. We seek to breed and purchase well-bred quarter horses. We use the best quality western saddles and bridles we can. We follow the ways of the vaqueros, the Californios, the Great Basin cowboys, and the reined cow-horse men. We use the best cowhorse training methods we can find, and we are always on the lookout for ways to improve. We do not put riders on horses that are either too green for them or are too advanced for them. We regularly maintain our horse's shoes and see to it that they are never under-fed or over-ridden. 

Honour the Land

   God gave us the privilege of living in some of the most beautiful country in the world right here between Zion nd Bryce Canyon National Parks. There will be nothing left behind except hoofprints. The occassional water bottle that gets dropped by accident will be cleaned up in one of our routine trips where we bring along an unladen pack horse to clean up whatever anyone has left behind (99% of the time it's left behind by somebody who was not even part of one of our rides in the first place.) This "pack trip" is good for both the countryside as well as for the horse.

Honour the Customer

    Riders at Rising K will each be given the greatest individual care and instruction possible. This is why we are able to instruct so many people who have never even been on a horse before. We will not rush you through the program just so we can all hurry up and go home, but will take our time to be sure you both understand our instruction, and are able to put it to use. Any time along the trail you may like to stop for a photograph, or need some more detailed advice on a particular issue, be sure to let your wrangler know. 

    About us

    Rising K Ranch is a Horseback Trail Ride and Riding School in Utah, located perfectly between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

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    Rising K Ranch is on Google Maps, and written driving directions may be found on the "Directions" page of this website.

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       Join us at Rising K Ranch for a unique horseback riding experience in the Utah mountains between Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks!

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