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Rising K Ranch

Klay Klemic is a showcased Cedar City, UT horseback riding lessons instructor on!

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Rising K Ranch: A Utah Horseback Riding Adventure for All Experience Levels!

We are open all year, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall, for Horseback Trail Rides and Horseback Riding Lessons. We are located perfectly between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Southern Utah!


We currently offer 4 Guided Horseback Riding Experiences:


The Juniper Loop: 30 Minutes: $30


The Cedar Trail Ride: 1 & 1/2 Hours- $60  


The Half Day Ride: 3 Hours- $120 


The Mountain Ride: 6 Hours- $240     



Click ride_options_pricing  to learn all the details about these different horseback rides. 


We Are Near Cedar City, Utah


Open All Year Monday-Saturday

Closed Sunday

Call 435-590-8428 from 7AM-6PM Mountain Daylight Time

Email at 



Book Online by Clicking the

"Book A Ride"

Button Below!

Online Booking must be made a couple hours in advance. However, we usually have availablity for last-minute reservations. If you would like go horseback riding on short notice, simply:

Call 435-590-8428.

       At Rising K Ranch, we offer a completely unique horseback riding experience. Every one of our horseback rides will consist of a small group of riders, usually just you and the people you bring with you, and there will be individual attention given to each rider so you can soon learn to be comfortable, safe, and in control of the horse you are provided. Whether you are just visiting Utah or you live here in the Zion/ Bryce Canyon National Park area, and whether you are a first-time horseback rider or have been riding horses your whole life, we want you to be safe and comfortable doing things on horseback that you never thought you'd be able to do!

      Each of our wranglers also assist in the horse training that goes on at Rising K Ranch every day, and each of our wranglers are quite dedicated to growing their own horsemanship skills every day.


       Because of this time and attention given to each of our riders, you may be very surprised at just how quickly you learn to handle a horse so that when we go out on the trail, you will ride better than you ever thought you could! 

       The Rising K Ranch horseback trail ride itself is in the beautiful country between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Southern Utah. Since Rising K Ranch is primarily a horse training facility instead of a large-scale Zion/Bryce Canyon National Park tourist attraction, we do not receive the large crowds that are prominent in Zion National Park itself or in Bryce Canyon National Park itself. Most of the time, the group size of any of our horseback rides will be only you and whomever you bring with you. On occassions when two separate groups go out together, our group size is no larger than 10 and there are enough wranglers that there will be plenty of individualized attention given to each horseback rider. Each horseback ride is customized to suit each particular group, so we might take you on a wild horseback riding adventure that allows you to experience steep and rugged Zion mountain country, or we might take you on a leisurely horseback ride through the valley and admire the rugged Zion mountain country at a relaxed pace. All of our horsebac rides begin here at the Rising K Ranch and head from there into the different directions of our trails.


Many of our riders come from all over the world, and visit Rising K Ranch to have a true horseback riding adventure while they are already in Utah visiting Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

In addition to this, Rising K Ranch is also dedicated to providing ongoing horseback riding lessons.


 Here is a Video Testimonial from one of our Utah locals regarding our Horseback Riding Lessons!

Click the button below to see the type of horsemanship lessons we teach!

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If you have have questions, or want an even more custom-made ride, reach out to us here or by phone! All your questions and comments typed here immediately go to my phone and will be promptly answered.
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    Rising K Ranch is a Horseback Trail Ride and Riding School in Utah, located perfectly between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

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