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Klay Klemic is a showcased Cedar City, UT horseback riding lessons instructor on!

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Tuesday, March 05 2019
Don't Watch Your Horse's Ears!
                                                               There's More to See Out there than Ears!

       Out here in the Zion & Bryce Canyon area, you'll be amazed at how much beauty is missed, both in scenery as well as wildlife, because people do not look around. They ride right past so many things!

A military man once told me, "I always keep my head on a swivel." It is very easy, for some reason, for a rider to just spend the whole ride staring at the horse's ears, zoned out, as it were. While a horse's ears are a good indicator of danger ahead, or of his present temperament and such, don't get locked onto them and miss the beauty and the wildlife all around you. You'd be amazed how many people will ride right by a deer, elk, coyote or such and have no idea it was even there! Spend your ride "with your head on a swivel" and you'll be amazed at what you see!

   By the way, the above picture was taken while moving cattle out of the gorge that is between Mesquite and St. George.

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