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Rising K Ranch
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Wednesday, July 03 2019

   The American Quarter Horse, as far as Rising K Ranch is concerned, is used primarily for reining and working cattle. However, the Quarter Horses can fairly well be split into two different types of breeding: Cowhorses (which I would claim vaguely includes reining, reined cowhorse, cutting, all manner of ranch work, and roping) and Race Horses. Those which are bred for the purpose of working cattle will be more definedly muscular, (with different muscluar emphasis depending upon the particular event the horse is bred for) and quarter horses bred for racing will be more long-muscled as it were. The foundation stallions of the AQHA came from both types of Quarter Horses.

 Born in 1937 (or possibly '36 or even '35), Wimpy P-1 was a sorrel stallion from the famous King Ranch in Texas. His grand-sire on both sides was the famous Old Sorrel, the foundation stallion of the King Ranch Quarter Horses. Wimpy P-1 earned the position of first in the AQHA stud book by taking forst place at the 1941 Fort Worth Exposition and Fat Stock Show, judged by Jim Minnick. After winning the Fort Worth Show, it appear that Wimpy never did show again; but he remained at King Ranch as a stud, siring many influential Quarter Horses, such as Bill Cody who in turn was the grand-sire of the great Topsail Cody, an highly influential reining horse who was owned by Bob Loomis.During his life, Wimpy sired over 170 known horses registered to the AQHA. Wimpy died on August 14, 1959.

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