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Rising K Ranch
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Horsemanship Clinics


Rising K Ranch

   Our horsemanship clinics are a straightforward approach to helping you acheive a higher level of success with your horses. Our clinics are most often focused on reading cattle, herd-work, fence work, boxing, reining, and generally making a good cowhorse. However, seeing as our ranch is right at the base of the mountains, we do also, from time to time, put together a clinic focused on trail riding and general confidence building. 

   Horsemanship Clinic Dates: 


   Trail Course Clinic: September 29th (Friday) Read Below for more Information


   Cow Working/ Ranch Horse Clinic:   October 6-7 (Friday-Saturday). Read Below for More Information.

   Lodging is Available at our Horse Friendly Vacation Rental Home 15 Minutes from the Ranch

Cow Working Clinic: Reading Cattle for Herd Work and Ranch Roping

October 6-7,  2023


   This two day clinic is focused on teaching the foundations for reading cattle. It will be taught by myself, Klay Klemic, and by working cowboy from Oregon, Chase Miller. You will be taught:

   How to prepare your horse for herd-work.

   How to prepare your horse for working a rope. 

   How to maintain good, working position on a cow without chasing him.

   How to set up your heeler for a good shot without dragging the cow around.

   How to drive a cow out of the herd and cut to shape.

   Many other general questions regarding cowhorses will be answered.


   Location: Rising K Ranch (Google Map: "Rising K Ranch".)

   Date: October 6-7, 2023. 9AM- 6PM (Roughly- Usually We Go a Bit Longer)

   Price: $750 Per Rider/ $100 Audit

   Deposit of $200 to Reserve your Spot. 

    If you would like to ride one of my own personal seasoned cowhorses for the entire clinic rather than bring your own horse, price is $900. 

    Limit: 15 Riders. Riders will be split in half (almost) between two pens designated for ranch roping and for Herd Work/ Dry Work.


    A lunch will be brought in from town both days.


   Covered Stalls as well as Outdoor Stalls are Available for Boarding at $25/ Night.


Call: 435-590-8428





Horsemanship Clinic: 

Trails, Obstacle Course, 


General Confidence Building in Horse and Rider

September 29, 2023


   The Trail Course Horsemanship Clinic is taught by myself, Klay Klemic, and is intended to teach you about a horse's mentality in general and what you can do to build his confidence and trust in you in all situations. We will be particul;arly focused on trails, which include varying degrees of steep terrain, stream crossings, as well as our trail course/obstacle course which includes wooden bridges, ramps, tires, tarps, logs, flags, and gates. 

   Primarily, we want you to understand body control on your horse well enough that all of these obstacles and situations are easy to handle for both horse and rider.


Location: Rising K Ranch (Google Map: "Rising K Ranch")

Date: September 29th (Friday) 9AM- 5PM

Price: $325 Per Rider (Limit of 7 Riders for Quality and Personal Attention)

   Lunch will be brought in from Cedar City.


Call: 435-590-8428

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    Rising K Ranch is a Horseback Trail Ride and Riding School in Utah, located perfectly between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

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