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Rising K Ranch
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   At Rising K Ranch, we try to sell about three horses per year. Besides taking on outside horses to train, Klay Klemic also keeps in training about half a dozen personally owned horses and sells them after a few years of training. Every horse we sell is safe to ride, even for beginners. However, some of our horses have more talent and ability than a beginner will know what to do with and should therefore go to someone who is interested in using the horse in accordance with his skill.

   We are also in contact with several good horsemen, so if you are looking for a specific kind of horse and we are not offering what you are looking for, feel free to give us a phone call and we can help you get in touch with the right person. 

   All of our horses for sale have spent quite a bit of time being ridden into the mountains, even on steep and rugged trails; but many of the horses we sell are also very good when it comes to working off your legs, working cattle, handling a rope, and some have placed in AQHA reining and/or cowhorse shows. Each horse is treated individually and we will try our best to see each horse go to someone who will use it according to what he is best at doing.

   To help you understand how I view the horses we have for sale, I split them up into three separate categories:


   1. Trail Horses: These horses are sound, and are not likely to spook at anything. They have been ridden on our trails time and time again, not only by myself and my assistants; but also have been ridden by many first-time horseback riders as guests or clients at the Rising K Ranch trail ride. These horses, being more "bomb-proof" are also going to be more dull when it comes to responding to light leg cues and light pressure on the bit. These horses will not have the slightest idea how to perform a sliding stop, a lead change, a spin, or how to cut a cow; but they will be very good for someone who just wants to have a horse for their child or to ride in the mountains over long distances and through any obstacle nature might hold in store.


   2. Ranch Horses: Like the "Trail Horses", these horses are also sound and not likely to spook at anything. They also have been ridden many times into the mountains by experienced and inexperienced horsemen alike, and will also be safe for children to ride. However, this "Ranch" category of horse will also, at a basic level, perform a correct sliding stop, correct spin, correct lead change, work a rope for you if you are doctoring a cow or doing some ranch roping, and will know how to watch and correctly work a cow out of the herd. These horses have not got quite enough sting for me to feel like I ought to show them (or continue showing them) in the NRCHA or AQHA shows; but I may well have showed them in a local club show and done well there and they will certainly excel on a real working cattle operation.


   3. Cowhorse: These horses are, of course, sound, but will likely be much more alive and, while they will not truly "spook", an inexerienced rider will still probably feel out of control riding them. If I am selling a horse as a true "Cowhorse", they have a win record with AQHA and/or the NRCHA and will have a very light feel. They will excel in regards to everything that makes a good cowhorse- the stop, spin, lead change, herd work, fence work, and will also work a rope and, like all my horses, they will still have spent a fair amount of time in real-life situations in the mountains and around cattle. 

If you have any Questions, call Rising K Ranch




Jet: A Horse for Sale at Rising K Ranch


Price: $8,500


   Jet is a 10 year old AQHA Registered Gelding. He is sound, sure-footed in the mountains and arena, and he is quiet and easy to ride through all kinds of mountain country.

   Jet has all the beginnings of reined work (moving his shoulders and hips off your leg), beginning to stop well, etc. He is good all day long in mountain country, good to rope off of and I have fired my revolver off him several times, which has never bothered him.

   Jet is located here at Rising K Ranch.


Prima: A Horse for Sale at Rising K Ranch:

Price: $10,000

SOLD, January 2023


   Prima is a 7 year old (born April, 2016) bay mare from Running Springs in Santa Ynez, California. Her AQHA registered name is FANCY MS CHIC. She goes back to SMART CHIC OLENA (SMART LITTLE LENA) on the topside and HIGHBROW CAT on the bottom. I have had Prima since April 2020 and have had her working cattle many, many times and her favorite thing in life is to stop and turn with a cow. She feels great in the herd work and going down the fence. In 2020, I won the local (Color Country Equestrian Club) Jr. Open Cowhorse on her in the hackamore. She is also good for ranch roping and will go all day in the mountains. She has also been used on the trails for first-time horseback riders at Rising K Ranch Trail Rides and has been used for two summers as a lesson horse for a horsemanship program called Camp Utibaca. I have spent the last few weeks tuning her back up again and, even after being ridden by mostly beginners for the last year or so, she came right back and is not hard on the bit at all and feels very good to me. As far as my three horse categories, I would put Prima as either a "Ranch Horse" or as a "Cowhorse" as she would do very well either way. I believe Prima would be most suited for someone who will either use her on a working ranch around cattle, would use her for ranch sorting (where she would be extremely confident and would win very often) or for someone who has been riding for some time but wants a horse that will really hook to a cow to teach them what that feels like, instead of just having to imagine it. She would be great for someone who wants to start cutting or showing cowhorses. While this horse does well in the reining with a consistently good stop, spin, and lead change, this horse's strong point is definitely cowhorse rather than straight reining.

Prima, A Rising K Ranch Horse for Sale

Prima's AQHA Registration Papers

Prima Circling a Cow at the 2020 CCEC Jr. Open Cowhorse


A Horse for Sale from Rising K Ranch

Price: $18,000

SOLD, March 2021



   BB is a 4 year old AQHA registered mare. She is owned by Rylee Munns of Cedar City, Utah and came to Rising K Ranch to spend some time on our mountain trails. She has earned money in the NRCHA and has been under the training of both Rylee Munns and Brandon Buttars. BB has spent many days working cattle, going in the mountain country, and working in the arena. She is completely sound and safe, and is ready to be an excellent ranch horse.


     To set up a time to see BB, call or text us at Rising K Ranch



     Or you may call or text Rylee Munns at:



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