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Rising K Ranch

Klay Klemic is a showcased Cedar City, UT horseback riding lessons instructor on!

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At Rising K Ranch, learn to commnicate with our horses on our beautiful Utah trails!

Located between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah!

Riding Lessons

   Our Horseback Riding Lessons are for anyone who truly loves to learn, and has a desire to become a skilled horseback trail rider or even a competetive horseman in Reining or Cowhorse Events.

   We teach you to be comfortable with basic horseback riding, making use of our round pen and our Zion/ Bryce Canyon style trails, increasing difficulty of terrain as you progress.

   We teach you to be soft and skillful with your hands, feet, and other cues and to understand the foundation of how a horse thinks and how we can best communicate with a horse, regardless of what type of riding you intend to focus on.

   We teach you the foundation of how a horse moves, so that we can properly ask him to use the correct body part at the correct times.

   We teach you the foundation of how YOU learn, so that you never feel too puffed up with self esteem and likewise never feel too degraded. This is important because so many horses go backwards in their training or are even abused becasue of the trainer's insecurities and problems.

   Since we are located perfectly between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, we make use of the rugged and beautiful mountains to teach you how to ride in rough country and how to use a pack horse to get into the backcountry and have some fun.

   We teach you the skills you need with both horses and cattle to get you started competing as a non-pro in Reining, Ranch Riding, Trail Courses and in Cowhorse events. We do not rush you into something you are hopelessly bound to lose, but we also do not wait around until you're perfect before we sned you to show either.

   We teach you how to start your own colts and how to continue their training as reiners and cowhorses and will not hesitate to send you to better trainers and teachers if you outgrow us and our program.

Our riding lessons last 1-2 hours (we seek to accomplish something with each lesson rather than just watch a clock) and we go through several levels of riding depending on your individual goals. If you follow our program all the way through, you will be able to:

Safely and Gently Start your own Colts 

Be Comfortable, Safe, and Competent on any Trail, No Matter How Rugged

Use Pack Horses in Backcountry

Rope Cattle (Ranch Roping, not Rodeo/Tiedown Style 

Worthily Compete in Reining & Working Cowhorse Events


    The minimum age for riding lessons in 3 yrs. old (at which point the instruction will be very basic).


Price: $65 Per Private Lesson


Or you may purchase a MONTHLY PASS, which includes:


Up to 6 lessons per week (We are Closed Sundays)

After each lesson you may stay and ride and continue to be instructed occasionally for the rest of the day as we continue to train horses all day long.

You can come along on as many of our trail rides as you like

Once competent, you will be able to saddle up and go out on the trail by yourself 

You can watch and ask questions as we train our horses daily

You can bring and use your own horse if you have one and we will help you with him

Price: $2,500/Month 


Call Klay Klemic at 435-590-8428 if you have questions or need something that I have not mentioned.


   Our horse riding lessons here at Rising K Ranch are for eny experience level. If you are a beginner to horseback riding, click the link below to see some examples of what we teach beginner riders.


Once a riding student is competent in his horseback riding abiliy in general, we will move on to teaching him the principles of riding a well-trained reined cowhorse and will teach him the principles of horse training. To see a few of our horse training videos, click here:


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    Rising K Ranch is a Horseback Trail Ride and Riding School in Utah, located perfectly between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

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    Rising K Ranch is on Google Maps, and written driving directions may be found on the "Directions" page of this website.

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