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Rising K Ranch
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At Rising K Ranch, learn to commnicate with our horses on our beautiful Utah trails!

Located between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah!

   Our Horseback Riding Lessons are for anyone who truly loves to learn, and has a desire to become a skilled horseback trail rider or even a competetive horseman in Reining or Cowhorse Events.

   We teach you to be comfortable with basic horseback riding, making use of our round pen and our Zion/ Bryce Canyon style trails, increasing difficulty of terrain as you progress.

   We teach you to be soft and skillful with your hands, feet, and other cues and to understand the foundation of how a horse thinks and how we can best communicate with a horse, regardless of what type of horseback riding you intend to focus on.

   We teach you the foundation of how a horse moves, so that we can properly ask him to use the correct body part at the correct times.

      Since we are located perfectly between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, we often make use of the rugged and beautiful mountains to teach you how to ride in rough country and how to use a pack horse to get into the backcountry and have some fun.

   We teach you the skills you need with both horses and cattle to get you started competing as a non-pro in Reining, Ranch Riding, Trail Courses and in Cowhorse events. 

   We teach you how to start your own colts and how to continue their training as reiners and cowhorses and can help you make the contacts you need in order to be successful.

If you are interested in learning horsemanship from us, we encourage you to join our Newly-Made Private Facebook Group, "Cowhorse Community", by Klay Klemic.

Our riding lessons last about 1 hour (we seek to accomplish something with each lesson rather than just watch a clock) and we go through several levels of riding depending on your individual goals. An hour is enough as a person can really only learn so much in a day- too much is simply not helpful. However, wile there may be such a thing as too much strict lesson, there is never such a thing as too much time spent in the saddle, so we encourage many of our students to remain on the ranch for as long as their own personal schedule allows  and they may continue to ride with us as we train horses all day, sometimes on different colts in the arena, and sometimes taking colts out onto the trails. If you follow our program clear through, you ought to learn to be able to:

Safely and Gently Start your own Colts 

Be Comfortable, Safe, and Competent on any Trail, No Matter How Rugged

Use Pack Horses

Rope Cattle, Ranch Roping Style

Understand and Feel able to Show in Reining & Working Cowhorse Events


    The minimum age for riding lessons is 3 yrs. old, at which point the instruction will be very basic, mostly just time in the saddle and being shown how to turn left and right and how to pull on the reins to stop on a slow, children's horse. Putting a child on horseback at such a young age is definitely a worthwhile effort; however, the benefits reaped by starting to ride at such a young age has little to do with strict, formal instruction in horsemanship. Rather, it is formative for muscle memory, allowing a young child to simply learn the rhythms and movements of the horse underneath him. This way, when the child is of age to receive more formal instruction (usually about 8 years old) they already feel safe and comfortable on a horse, and are in a position where they feel able to put their hands and feet where they are told without worrying about falling off or having the horse run away with them etc.

   Most of our students, however, are adults.


Price: $65 Per Private Lesson


Or you may purchase a MONTHLY PASS, which includes:


Up to 6 lessons per week (We are Closed Sundays)

After each lesson you may stay and ride and continue to be instructed occasionally for the rest of the day as we continue to train horses all day long.

You can come along on as many of our trail rides as you like

Once competent, you will be able to saddle up and go out on the trail by yourself 

You can watch and ask questions as we train our horses daily

You can bring and use your own horse if you have one and we will help you with him

Price: $3,500/Month 


Call Klay Klemic at 435-590-8428 if you have questions or need something that I have not mentioned.


   Our horseback riding lessons here at Rising K Ranch are for any experience level. If you are a beginner to horseback riding, click the link below to see some examples of what we teach beginner riders.


Once a horseback riding student is competent in his horseback riding abiliy in general, which itself does take quite a bot of time, we will move on to teaching him the principles of riding a well-trained cowhorse and will teach him the principles of horse training. To see a few of our horse training videos, click here:


USA Horseback Riding Lessons Directory:


   This is a list of horsemen with whom I have personally conversed, at least a little, from all across the United States. Some specialize in cutting, some in reining, some in cowhorse, and some are just all-around good horsemen who are willing and able to pass on their horsemanship knowledge to other diligent students of the horse. Any one of these horsemen will be of great assistance to anyone looking to expand their own abilities. Even if you do not end up riding as a student with one of these horsemen specifically, they will still be able to point you in the right direction to someone in your own neck of the woods who can help you.


   Scheer Performance Horses: Snead, Alabama.  

                    Cutting Horse Trainer: TC Scheer.  

                    Website: http://

                      Phone:   601-596-6188



Tinker Turner Performance Horses: Booneville, Arkansas.

                      Cowhorse Trainer: Tinker Turner


                     Phone: 479-518-6522

            If interested in riding lessons with Tinker Turner, you will need to bring your own horse. If you do not have your own horse but live in the Booneville area, still give Tinker Turner a call and he can likely direct you to someone who can help you.



   Ben Balow Training Stables: Skull Valley, Arizona.

   Reining Trainer: Ben Balow


     Phone: 602- 989- 2098


   Ben Balow specializes in Reining and has traveled the world teaching horsemanship. He is also a fine man to turn to with regards to general horsemanship.



Stallings Performance Horses: Skull Valley, Arizona.

Cowhorse Trainer: Kevin Stallings


   Phone: 520-906-4852.     2nd Phone: 520-548-6732

   Kevin Stallings is a fine horseman and clinician who can certainly help you get where you want to be in your horsemanship. 




       Parkinson Performance Horses: Scottsdale, Arizona.

       Cowhorse /Ranch Riding Trainer: Shadd Parkinson


   Phone: 602-510-5722






Howard Equine Company LTD.: Scottsdale. Arizona.

Reined Cowhorse Trainer: Nic Howard

Facebook Page:

Phone: 970-759-6813 for Cowhorse Training, Lessons and Sales


     Doug Ingersoll Training Stables: Lincoln, California.

    Cowhorse Trainer: Doug Ingersoll


Phone: 916-812-7056


   Even if you are starting from scratch, Doug Ingersoll is a man to turn to for help in the cowhorse world. However, you will be expected to be fully committed to having or acquiring a decent cowhorse and putting in the time and money it takes to improve your skills in the cowhorse world. If you are looking to learn from one of the best in the world, Doug Ingersoll is a great option for you.






Jimmy Flores Performance Horses: Perris, California.

Reining and Cowhorse Trainer: Jimmy Flores


Phone: 951-218-8306




Lyn Anderson: Madera, California.

Cowhorse Trainer and General Horsemanship

Phone: 559-304-0930






Thomas Ranch: Briones, California

Cowhorse, Reining, Cutting Horse Trainer: Eric Thomas


Phone: 925-528-9385


   Eric Thomas has been in the horse training industry since he was a child. Not only has Eric been successful showing horses he has in training; but he has also been able to communicate his skills to his assistants to such a degree that two of them have gone on to become world champions.

    Eric Thomas is also a great contact if you are looking to purchase a horse that will suit your skills and needs.






Billy Martin Cowponies: Morgan Hill, California

Cowhorse, Reining, Cutting, General Horsemanship: Billy Martin


Phone: 408-804-0203

   Billy Martin has been in the horse industry, training horses and teaching people how to improve their own horsemanhip for the past four decades. 






John McCarty: Lompoc, California

Cowhorse Trainer


Phone: 805-708-2050








Mike Lund: San Luis Obispo, California



Mike Lund is a Cowhorse Trainer, Ranch Versatility Horse Trainer, and General Horseman who also serves as a Judge at horse shows and has spent twenty years teaching horsemanship to students at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California.

Mike Lund Phone: 805-801-7166






Ramona Koch Training Stables & Retirement Stables: Paicines, Californi

Cowhorse & Ranch Versatility Trainer: Ramona Koch


Ramona Koch Cell Phone: 831-801-7212

Ramona Koch Landline: 831-628-3838


   Ramona Koch, accomplished horsewoman in the cowhorse world, got her start working with the legendary horseman, Tony Amaral. Since the 80's, Ramona Koch has been an esteemed member of the cowhorse industry and has been successfully training horses and helping the horse commuity.





Ron Emmons Show Horses: Ione, California

Cowhorse Trainer: Ron Emmons

Ron Emmons Phone: 209-418-8080

   Ron Emmons specializes in training cowhorses and his place is ideally situated in the beautiful California foothills.

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